What People Say

Here’s what some of the people working with Francesca Grande a.k.a Frankie Grrr have said:

“As a director of animated films with 30 years of industry experience, I have worked with many talented writers for various projects including Disney’s MULAN, Sony’s ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and 20th Century Fox’s WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. Most recently it was my pleasure to collaborate with Francesca Grande on a screenplay for the animated feature film project titled IF (aka: Imaginary Friends) for Oak9 Entertainment.
Francesca’s vivid imagination coupled with her ability to put her ideas in writing made our collaboration as co-writers of the script a very rewarding process. Her skills include bringing a unique voice to the characters and creating settings that never feel cliché or borrowed but are always surprising in their originality.
I would recommend Francesca’s considerable talents to anyone looking for a writer to develop stories or screenplays for print or screen.
Barry Cook


“This is to acknowledge and recommend Ms. Francesca Grande for her excellent work in writing the theatrical script for the upcoming animated feature film “Imaginary Friends”, produced by Oak9 Entertainment and Roth FX Productions and directed by Barry Cook and the TV pilot of the upcoming TV series “Grace & Toro”, produced by Roth FX productions.
Ms. Grande was a very reliable writer on both projects, who always delivered on time and was constantly exceeding our expectations during the script writing process. Her fantasy and imagination and her witty and funny writing style shaped and defined the worlds on both of the projects and helped to attract investors, artists and distribution partners.
I can highly recommend Ms. Grande and her work and talent to every producer or film/TV production company who are looking for fresh, modern, witty, funny and dramatic scripts that are highly entertaining.
It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Grande and we wish her all the best in her future career.
Christoph Roth
CEO Roth FX Productions”


“Francesca Grande not only exceeded our expectations, but she gave herself fully to the story. She is an exceptional writer amongst the people I have worked with. Her creative skills are absolutely fun and devoted.Very few people have true artistic talent, Francesca is clearly one of those people. She has such a great passion for what she does, an excellent work ethic, and truly values personal and professional relationships. I highly recommend her as a writer for your next project.
OAK9 Entertainment
Mindaugaus Jokubaitis
Executive Producer \ CEO”
“As a writer I couldn’t have been more happy to have Francesca. She is the fastest and most competent writer that I have worked with. She is well versed in different styles of writing and is able to product highly valuable content for all kinds of industries, including Business, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment etc. For PR writing, she goes to great lengths in exactly communicating the principles and core values of the company and her articles are always well researchedThank you so much for all the amazing work.
I highly recommend her in any writing and creative capacity!
J. Braun
CEO, Nrgize Marketing”
“As a creative director for Old&Urban, Francesca has been amazing! We have several ongoing projects and her creativity, ability to duplicate what is needed and execute it quickly, always meeting deadlines has been more than we could have wished for. I have worked with many industry professionals but I particularly was impressed with her variety of skills and artistic and professional touch to all her work. 
S. Frost
CMO Old&Urban”