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Frankie Grrr on CGW Magazine Interviews Guardians Of The Galaxy VFX Producer – Christoph Roth

Another day, another interesting person for you to meet. And this time Computer Graphics World Magazine wants you to know about it too!!!! Yeah!

We all loved Guardians Of The Galaxy and here is a chance to find out a bit about one of the Visual Effects producers who worked on this amazing film nominated for an Academy Award exactly for Best Visual Effects!

Christoph Roth is the man and Frankie Grrr lets us take a peek into what it takes to get to the top, to make a badass movie and to entertain the world!

Enjoy the full interview on CGW.com here

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March 26th, 2015 – Update: Unfortunately, and to a lot of protest on Social Media sites, “Guardians the Galaxy” did not win the Oscar for Best VFX. It is still an incredible movie and a real showcasing of talent and we were more than glad to support it here at Frankie Grrr.

Below you can now find the print version of our article.

Home At The Modern Mamas Kitchen – An Interview with Lauren Haag

It’s here ladies and gentlemen – 2015. Holy crickets…

“NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!” I keep reading in various magazines. “Start a healthy lifestyle”, “Get fit” …or try again next year when we publish the same things again and again.

Alas, I don’t know what kind of year you had but personally my 2014 was not all fluffy clouds and sparkling rainbows.

Especially because of this I decided I needed to spotlight someone refreshing. Someone beautiful, someone delicious, real and with some actual honorable core values here. The world needs more of these people these days.

So! The first interesting person of 2015 from Frankie Grrr to you;

*drum roll please*

The beautiful Lauren Haag a.k.a Modern Mamas Kitchen

Enjoy ; )

Interview with Broome&Mercer Founder Jimmy Pinto

There are many types of people that interest me but I admire the most the ones who just hit the ground running, go straight for the jugular and grind until they get to where they want. This is what it takes to make dreams come true and I love to show the world that it does work and hope that they inspire others the way they do me. This new article is  a prime example of this. Enjoy it ; )



You can follow Broome&Mercer on their Facebook page Broome&Mercer

Frankie Grrr on The Collectionate Interviews Painter Bula Barua

I got to write for The Collectionate in May 2014 and the interview is now published for all you to read!


Frankie Grrr – An Interview with Bula Barua

It’s late on a Monday night at a tea house close by where I am staying and I’ve finally been able to schedule a meeting with the gorgeous and, I must say, almost impossible to get an interview with, Bula Barua.

It seems ironic that we would meet at a tea house when Bula’s family is from Assam, India; one of the largest global tea suppliers and, most importantly, recognized as the producer of some of the best tasting teas in the world.

I am hoping Miss Barua isn’t as committed to tea as she is to her art. I am a tea enthusiast but not a connoisseur to boot. Basically this tastes fine…to me at least. If she does throw this tea at my face the interview might be a very interesting read – “EXCLUSIVE! DIVA PAINTER SCORCHES TEA-IGNORANT JOURNALIST”...